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Honeywell Indoor Air Quality Products

Improve your home comfort and ease your stress by using these Honeywell Thermostats. Honeywell has a thermostat that suits your lifestyle and your needs.

TrueClean Filter

  • Highly Effective - Deactivates 99% of captured particles - Captures a wide range of particles including airborne dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores and other bacteria
  • Replace Less Often - Lasts up to four times longer than a standard one-inch furnace filter. Replace every 6-12 months
  • Advanced 3-Stage Filtration Technology - TrueCLEAN uses an unique three-step process that cleans the air in your home like never before. The Charge-Capture-Destroy process not only captures more particles than traditional media filters, but also deactivates up to 99% of those particles - keeping your home and family safe. Out of Sight, Out of Mind - TrueCLEAN's noiseless operation and out-of-sight installation allows you to enjoy clean air in your home without interfering with your daily life.

F100 Media Filter

  • Easy to Maintain filter Unit
  • Up to 85% efficient at capturing many particle sizes
  • Replacement filters available at many retail outlets or our store.

Honeywell is always looking at ways to make your life easier.

A Fortune 100 company that can trace it's roots back to a heat regulator invented in 1886. Honeywell has provided our homes with more controls and indoor air quality devices than any other.

The products you see here are just a small portion of the vast product line they currently make.


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