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Honeywell Zoning Products

Zoning offers a comfortable, energy efficient way of Heating and Cooling your home. Zoning is simply dividing your home into areas with similar Heating or Cooling requirements, with each zone having its own thermostat. This allows you to only heat or cool the part of the home that is currently in use, reducing energy costs.

Zoning can be installed in new construction and existing homes.

Check out this Zoning Video From Honeywell.


Zoning your home is listed by the EPA as one of the recommended methods to lower your energy usage.

Just think of lowering the temperature a few degrees in an unoccupied room to cut your overall expenses while maintaining comfort in the rest of the occupied areas.


Honeywell is always looking at ways to make your life easier.

A Fortune 100 company that can trace it's roots back to a heat regulator invented in 1886. Honeywell has provided our homes with more controls and indoor air quality devices than any other.

The products you see here are just a small portion of the vast product line they currently make.


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