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Other Utility Rebates

For customers with electrically heated homes, you have a choice of how to pay for eligible energy-saving home improvements.

PUD customers who have electric heat and want to install 1) insulation in their floor, ceiling, or walls, 2) insulated windows, 3) a heat pump, 4) duct sealing & insulation, and/or 5) electronic thermostats. Work must be completed by a PUD-registered installer or by the homeowner to PUD specifications. All work must be authorized by the PUD before any work is started.


With no administrative fee and no appraisal, the loan term is up to 10 years. The interest rate is a low 2.9 percent. The minimum loan is $1,000, and the minimum monthly payment is $50. Loans are subject to approval of credit.


Cash Incentives

Each incentive payment is a one-time-per-measure offer, and the amount depends on the measure installed (see below). Multi-unit buildings that are three stories or less and contain four or less residential living units are also eligible to apply.



Join PUD in reducing your energy use by 10% and become a:


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