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PSE Residential Rebates

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For PSE electric customers:

Heating systems

Ductless Heat Pump: $1200

  • Use inverter technology
  • Minimum 1.0 ton capacity in heating mode

ENERGY STAR qualified geothermal heat pump: $1,500

Forced-air electric furnace to air-source heat pump conversion: $1,500

  • Prequalification required see www.PSE.com/rebates for form)

Air-source heat pump:

  • Tier 1 Energy Star 8.5 HSPF/ 14 SEER $200
  • Tier 2 Energy Star 9.0 HSPF / 14 SEER $350
  • Tier 3 Energy Star 10.0 HSPF / 16 SEER $800

Heat pump sizing and lock-out control: $300

Converting to natural gas

Home and water heating: $1,950 - $3,950

Home heating only: $500 - $2,500

Water heating only: $950

Heating systems

ENERGY STAR qualified boiler (95 percent AFUE): $350

ENERGY STAR qualified forced-air furnace: $250

High Efficiency Natural Gas Fireplace : $200

  • Direct vent
  • Use electronic ignition
  • Listed on www.PSE.com/rebates



Energy resource planning

More than 1.3 million Washington homes and businesses count on Puget Sound Energy to provide safe, reliable, reasonably priced energy service. To meet their expectations, PSE must have adequate supplies of natural gas and electricity on hand at all times. What's more, PSE must strive to obtain its energy supplies – whether from the utility's own facilities or from outside sources – at the lowest reasonable cost and in an environmentally responsible manner.

PSE conducts comprehensive research and planning to develop an effective energy-resource strategy. The strategy's cornerstone is PSE's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). This plan is a detailed examination of the many resource options available to PSE, along with a thorough and objective assessment of the likely benefits, costs and risks associated with each option.


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